Welcome to my little slice of the internet pie! Here you can find out a bit about me and read various ramblings. Below is a quick rundown of what I do online and elsewhere.


I’m a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh researching the efficiency of a type of algorithm. I also have a passion for math communication and outreach, something I’m trying to do more.

Numix Design

For over 7 years now I’ve been part of the Numix design collective, something I occasionally talk about here. I’ve had various roles on the team but I primarily work on icon themes.

Open Source Contributions

Aside from Numix I’ve contributed to a bunch of different open source projects in various capacities. The two I’m probably proudest of are pipes.sh, an XP-style terminal screensaver, and the Wren Jekyll theme, a project technically 8 years in the making.


I play quidditch, a real life sport originally based on the one dreamed up for the Harry Potter franchise. It’s a full contact mix of rugby and dodgeball, played mixed-gender, and amazing fun! I’ve played for and lead various clubs and currently volunteer with QuidditchUK, overseeing their HR.

Nightline Fundraising

Nightline is a charity which supports listening services run by students for students across the UK. They’re near and dear to me and I’ve fundraised (mostly through running) for them on various occasions, but the biggest, most iconic project by far was #50forNL50. In 2020 I ran 50 half marathons in 50 weeks for their 50th anniversary, raising over £7,000 in the process.