Photo of Me

I’m Josh Fogg (they), a 26 year old math student born in Sheffield in the UK. I did my undergrad masters at Manchester and am now studying for a PhD in Edinburgh. Now we’ve got the GCSE French out of the way, here’s some fun stuff!

Up in Edinburgh I run with the Haries, play dodgeball with the Fireworks, and quidditch with the Kelpies. Quidditch in particular is an amazing and inclusive sport and I do my bit to keep it existing by overseeing volunteer recruitment and HR for QuidditchUK.

In my spare time there are a few open source projects I contribute to, but the big one is Numix where I maintain several icon themes. As well as design, I’m also a jack of all trades when it comes to coding having oodles of experience with Python, C++, MATLAB/Octave, R, and bash, plus some recreational tipples.

Though my dedication to it has fluctuated over the years, I get immense joy out of creative writing. There are a few writing groups I’ve been part of over the years but most of my writing these days is solo. It’s been a while since I was confident in something enough to share it online, here’s to changing that!

All in all, my time ends up divided between quite a range of activities from coding and design to music and gaming. This blog is an amalgamation off all that and an outlet to waffle on and share something that (I hope) you’ll enjoy. So welcome, old friends and new: I hope you enjoy your stay in my little slice of the internet pie! 😃