Hi. Forgive me if I’m a little rusty. It’s January the first, seen by most as nice time to refresh and start anew. Let’s test that. I made 3 resolutions last year, none of which I stuck to for very long. So this time round they’re coming back and I’m adding a few more with hope that I’m more like to succeed in at least one.

  • Exercise more and eat healthier. This always fails pretty quickly just coming down to my own laziness. One year I’ll get it and perhaps that year will be this one. Who knows? Already my exercise ideas of running once a day have been shot down by being ill (try again tomorrow) but the health eating is going okay. I only had three meals today compared to the five of yesterday, so that’s a good thing.

  • Read more. “How many books have you read this year, Josh?” Oh a good 7 or 8! “How many books which weren’t subject reading?” … 😶 This year I’m going to try again with the perhaps slightly ambitious attempt to read 50 before 2014. I’ve already got the first one, The Great Gatsby, lined up so I’ll probably be boring you with reviews and thoughts at some point along the line.

  • Write, Blog and Vlog more. Creating is hard. It’s probably a good few months since I produced any content and in excess of a year since I produced any good content. I’ll try again this year.

  • Finish The Game. 2012 was a good year for new things. In April I beta tested Windows 8. A fancy new blue-screen later I discovered Linux in the form of Ubuntu 11.10 and it all escalated wonderfully from there. The amount of programming I was doing went through the roof and now I distro hop on an almost weekly basis. I’ll probably bore you with that at some point. But anyway, I started making a game and would quite like to finish it.

  • Get a driving license. I think I can do this. I have the money now so the only thing stopping me is time which I’m finding scarce. But it’s possible!

  • Get into University. It scares me that this is a thing in my life now but a thing it is. Let’s see how that goes.

That should be enough to keep me going for now. It’s perfectly possible that these will all fail. It’s perfectly possible that this will be the last time I blog for another few months. I really hope it’s not though. 2013, eh? I wonder what this one’s made of.