Learning HTML has been on my to do list for a few years now, first cropping up when I became aware of programming languages as a thing. Back then it wasn’t really about HTML more about this new and interesting thing which had come into my world. Through a cipher cracking competition I became part of (and also recommendations from friends) python 2 became the language that I learnt. In the years that followed this moved onto python 3, Linux, perl, lua, bash, ruby and a whole array of different tools. It is only now that I come back to HTML and it feels right. I wanted to get back into blogging again and rather than following my old path of setting up an easy blogger or wordpress I thought I’d throw myself in completely and learn HTML(5), CSS, PHP and Javascript to achieve my goal. For now I’m following the simple lessons on HTML.net which have been brilliant.

Josh from the future here; you can find archived copies of the original three website designs these lessons spawned here, here, and here. It’s obvious to see, but the third design morphed into the Jekyll theme I use today.