Like the Star Wars prequels, this blog comes to you in two parts!

A New Beginning

Those who’ve followed me around the internet for a while know that this is far from the first blog I’ve had. Over the years I went through LiveJournal, Blogger, Wordpress, and even Tumblr, before I eventually settled on a custom built solution I called Wren. For a while this worked and everything was just how I wanted it to be. If I wanted a new feature I’d add it myself, and it proved and excellent exercise in learning more about web development.

But then the problems started setting in, problems which needed to be fixed before I could blog. Before long I was spending more time maintaining the system than writing and eventually blogging stopped completely. Eventually I made the call and dropped it, but I still wanted to keep writing so I made the switch over to Ghost. It’s super easy to use and still lets me self host the blog, but now I don’t have to worry about maintaining the mechanics behind the scenes.

Maintaining the Archive

I’ve decided to re-upload some of the old posts from those other blogs to here. Sure it’s a bit of a random collection of poorly written culturally irrelevant ramblings but I think it would be a shame if those old posts were to vanish forever. They’re part of the path to where I am now.

They’ll be uploaded intermittently at their original post dates so they won’t be mixed in with new content, but they’ll be there under the archive tag if you fancy a read. I have no idea how this will work with the RSS feed so sorry if things get a littler weird there.