The Week That Was: 16-09-19

A summary of what’s been going on in life over the last week. It’s a new thing I’m trying out.

What I’ve Done

Most of the week helping out with fresher events, society meetings, or week 0 lectures. It’s not been the most fun week I’ve ever had but it’s certainly kept me busy. Just about on top of it all at this point so fingers crossed that can continue when normal lectures start again.

What I’ve Cooked

Pushed my cooking ability to the limit this week with a Monday Pie from the Nosh For Students cookbook. It turned out way better than expected, and for someone who’s not a fan of Shepherds Pie because of the mash the sliced potato covering was a nice change. Definitely something I’ll be making again I reckon.

What I’ve Heard

Thought I’d go for an old favourite this week since the running is starting to get difficult. The Illusion of Safety by The Hoosiers who were my favourite band during adolescence. I first heard this album live before release at the 2010 Tramlines Festival where I generally disliked it just because it was new. Much fonder of it now and for that reason it’s one of the few physical CDs I still own.