The Week That Was: 16-10-31

Back on the week that was wagon, here’s a summary of what’s been going on in my life.

What I’ve Done

Honestly it’s mostly been revision. Reading week is never really a reading week for maths because they give us midterms. It hasn’t gone too great to be honest, having a real feeling of being too old for this shit.

What I’ve Heard

Not too much on the music front this week, most been catching up with some podcasts. If you aren’t already you should really be listening to Dear Hank and John. Super funny dubious advice podcast about death from the Brothers Green.

What I’m Playing

In preparation for N++ coming to Linux I’ve been replaying the original N (subtitle is “Way of the Ninja” for searchability) between revision sessions on society meetings. I played hours upon hours of this game during secondary school and even though it’s probably 5+ years since I last played it I still have the tricks for a few of the levels memorised. The brain is really weird in what it chooses to remember.