Time once again for another year in review. Like my love of the Bourne series, this comes to you in two parts.


Looking back on the year gone, it’s been a mixed bag for certain. I started a new relationship, got a solid first year pass, and got super involved with societies.

But despite all that I’m not in an especially happy place right now. Second year isn’t as enjoyable as I’d hoped and I’m still not sure where it’s all heading either. This isn’t something I’ve worried about before but now it’s starting to niggle.

My 2016 resolutions (see here for a memory jog) were also a sticking point, so they’re gonna roll over for next year.


The subtitle of these may as well be “2016, but for real this time”. I’ve made some slight tweaks for attainability and split a few up that deserved more focus too.

Say Thanks, not Sorry

This worked for the first few weeks but was a hard one to remember. Turns out breaking the habit of a lifetime isn’t easy.

Learn Another Language

I made some progress with German on Duolingo but it died off about half way through the year. Better time management needed on my part to see this through.

Improve Exercise & Health Routines

Thinking about it, this one could be a partial success. I ran a 10k which was pretty cool and I’m at a much healthier weight than I’ve been ever. Started to slack towards the end of the year, but I should be able to keep the momentum going.

Read 52 books

This was also more successful than not. While I didn’t make 52 (and the reviews stopped around September) I did read over 40 books which is brilliant.

Create More

Something that has become clear recently is that I miss being creative. It’s not something I make time for in my life and that’s been to my own detriment.

Document & Reflect

I want to keep writing “The Week That Was” posts. When writing them I found it changed the way I felt about both the week gone and the week to come.

Better Time Management

I introduced this one in “Trouble Letting Go”. It’s been a struggle this year juggling all the plates and some things got way more focus than they should have. I’ve made progress on the material front, but I need to do more for academia, societies, and projects.

All in all it’s quite a broad spectrum of goals, but here’s hoping it pays off.