The Weeks that Were: Exams

Not gonna lie the last few weeks haven’t been very fun at all. Exam revision was really getting me down and most days that was the only thing I did, but I did manage to still get some good stuff in there every now and then.

What I’ve Watched

I went to see La La Land which was pretty cool. Both the orchestration and the cinematography were amazing but to be honest I thought everything else was pretty average. The writing was a bit meh, the characters not especially great, and I thought it either needed to be less repetitive or shorter. Still, I have been listening to the soundtrack pretty much constantly since so it can’t have been that bad.

What I’ve Read

Digging to America by Anne Tyler was my first non-Fowl book of the year. It’s the first time in years that I’ve read something that was almost entirely character rather than plot driven, and I really loved it. Lots of the ideas it discusses (such as those of “what is it to be American?” and belonging more generally) were specially relevant during these troubling times too.

What I’ve Eaten

After exams I went to a restaurant in Manchester called Per Tutti. Everything I had was amazing, but the best was the pan roasted pigeon. For the last 20 years of my life my grandma has preached the wonder of eating pigeon and I’ve always just thought she was exaggerating, but oh wow definitely not. If I were more with it there’d be an embedded Instagram photo of the meal below but I didn’t take a photo, nor do I have an Instagram.

What I’ve Played

Something during exams put Minecraft back on my brain so as soon as they were over I downloaded the FTB launcher (jees is that thing getting big) and got building. Giving SkyFactory 3 a go this time, though to be honest pretty much all I’ve done so far is fry silkworms and twerk for trees.