This post served as my about page from June 2017 until September 2021.

Photo of Me

I’m Joshua Fogg, a 21 years old math student born in Sheffield in the UK. I am currently studying in Manchester toward an integrated masters, which is proving a learning experience in more ways than one. There I play Quidditch for the Manticores and clarinet with the CAOS orchestra. Both have been immense fun and for sure will get mentioned here.

There are a few open source projects I contribute to, for the most part as a designer (though I’m trying to do more coding). The main two are Numix which I help run and Ubuntu Budgie whom I help out with design bits and bobs. I’m also a mod of an unfortunately named Reddit community for sharing *NIX screenshots.

Though my dedication to it has fluctuated over the years, I get immense joy out of creative writing. There used to be a few writing groups I was part of but I don’t spend as much time on it now as I’d like. It’s been a while since I was confident enough with something to share it online, but I’m going to try and change that.

All in all my time ends up divided between quite a range of activities from coding and design to music and gaming. This blog is an amalgamation off all that and an outlet to waffle on and share something that (I hope) you’ll enjoy. So welcome, old friends and new: I hope you enjoy your stay in my little slice of the internet pie! 😃