First set of exams today. Remember those predictions I made? They went straight out the window.

Basically, I had this thing at the start of January where I thought I’d do a practice paper for each exam and then decide how to distribute out my revision. Smart idea right? That’s what I thought. I did alright in Stats 2 and Core 3, below average in Core 4 and abysmal in Physics 2. My logic then was to direct attention to S2 and C3 so I can get my ‘A’s, revise C4 just the weekend because I can easily resit it later and then just abandon Physics. Yeah, it was really that bad. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to get a good enough grade to make it worth resisting even if I revised constantly going up to it. So I cut it loose!

Worst. Idea. Ever. Yesterday I ran out of stats papers while I was at school so I thought I’d just do a physics paper to fill some time. And then I got a high B on it. And then I panicked. Because suddenly I can do this thing which I couldn’t do but then I’m not sure I can quite do it well enough for it to make the difference I was doing the resit for but then I might have been able to if I’d been revising even a little bit. I panicked a lot. But it actually went okay. I could actually answer every question to some standard so I’m hopeful.

The S2 paper didn’t go as well as it could have done, but then I only need ~75% in that so I should be fine. Next week I have C3 on Friday and then C4 on the next Monday so we’ll see how that goes then. In other news, my normal life is kinda beginning to show cracks. Nothing major yet but’s probably going to take some fixing later but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Hey, can’t win every battle though.